The GATE department is committed to working with teachers and parents to enrich the educational experience of our gifted students. Teaching and parenting a gifted learner can be rewarding and challenging.  There is a multitude of resources online as well as books of interest.  We hope you find the resources below useful!
    Books of Interest:
    • Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students - Christine Fonesca
    • Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Children & Adults – James T. Webb
    • Parenting Gifted Kids – James R. Delisle
    • Bright Not Broken – Diane M. Kennedy
    • Smart & Scattered – Peg Dawson
    • Raising a Gifted Child – Carol Fertig
    • Raisin’ Brains – Surviving My Smart Family – Karen L.J. Isaacson (more of a light-hearted look at giftedness and families)
    • Raising Your Spirited Child – Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
    • Smart Parenting for Smark Kids -  Eileen Kennedy-Moore (perfectionism is a key topic in this one)
    • The End of Average – Todd Rose  (Jaggedness principle)