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    FHS Television Production can record your event in the FHS Theater! We record sound and picture with up to four HD digital cameras.  Here are three options:

    1) FHS Television Production handles everything from recording and editing to sales and distribution of webstreaming or DVDs. FHS TV will set up a sales table in the lobby of your event where patrons can fill out an order form and pay $10 per video (credit or debit, no cash). This covers our costs.  It takes us about a week to edit, post the stream, and duplicate the discs and send them to you for distribution. 

    2) Performance groups sometimes prefer to offer the discs or webstreaming for free to their performers & patrons.  In that case, the flat fee for recording, editing and duplication is $100 per hour, typically 2 or 3 hrs per show, payable to FHS Video Productions through the Folsom High School Student Accounts Office.  

    3) Mr. Southard could put you in touch with an individual student whom you would work with as an independent contractor.  FHS Television Production would not be involved in the recording, editing or duplication and could not guarantee what you would get or when.  You would also negotiate compensation with the individual student.