Transcript Requests


    What is the difference between official and unofficial transcripts?Transcript

    • Unofficial transcripts do not have the official school seal or signature, nor are they in a sealed envelope. 
    • Official transcripts have the official school seal and signature and are placed in a sealed envelope. While many scholarships require an official transcript, most do not.  

     Current Students:

    • Processing requires two school days. Transcripts are not available for immediate pick-up on a walk-in basis.  
    • Unofficial transcripts are available in your PowerSchool account. Print/download an unofficial copy following these instructions. 
    • Official transcripts requests are made using this form
    • Transcripts will only be mailed to colleges, employers, and scholarships, not to your home address. 
    • There is no fee for transcripts for students currently enrolled at Folsom High School.
    Alumni (2023 and Prior):

    Allow at least two school days for your request to be processed.   

    Step One: Transcript Form (for Alumni only): Click HERE



    Seniors Applying to College: Please Do Not Request a Transcript Unless the College Has Requested It  

    • CSU or UC Schools:  Students do not need to request a transcript unless it is an application requirement for a special program. CSU/UC do not accept transcripts as part of the initial application process. 
    • Common Applications/Send EDU:  Students do not need to request a transcript. Enter your counselor's email on the application and your counselor will upload the transcript when they complete your Common Application.   
    • Out-of-State & Private Schools:  Non-CSU, UC, or schools not using the Common App (such as private colleges and out-of-state universities) may require a copy of your transcript. Please consult their website to determine if a transcript is necessary. 
    • Scholarships/Jobs/Auto Insurance:  Transcript requests are made using the form above. Determine whether you will need an official or unofficial transcript. If unofficial, it will be emailed to you. Please allow two school days to process these requests.
    If you have any questions, please contact: 
    Lauren Law, Registrar (916) 294-2400 ext. 415130