Bullying Prevention, Character Building, and School Climate

  • All students deserve a safe, caring, and respectful learning environment free from bullying, harassment or intimidation of any kind.  The information and resources contained in these pages are designed to help Folsom Cordova students, families, staff, and community members foster safe school communities.

  • Click here to report bullying  
  • Join FCUSD in taking a stand against bullying.  Educate yourself on the terminology and explore the resources this site offers.  Work with your children to develop healthy character, attitudes and environments free of bullying.  Where bullying exists report it:  in person or via e-mail or the online form found above on this page, the district's home page and the front page of every school in our district.
    Bullying Means:
    Bullying is generally repeated over time and involves a real or perceived imbalance of power with more powerful student(s) attacking the less powerful student(s).

    Bullying Definition:
    Bullying is any severe or pervasive physical or verbal act or conduct including, but not limited to:
    • Written and digital communication that can be reasonably predicted to place a student in fear of harm to that pupil's person or property.
    • Causing a pupil to experience a substantially detrimental effect on his or her physical, mental health, interferes with a pupil's academic performance.
    • Restricting pupils ability to participate in services, activities or privileges provided by school.
    Cyberbullying Definition:
    Cyberbullying includes communication in writing or by means of electronic act including the transmission of messages, text, sound, image, video, website, burn page or social networking activity that has a substantial effect on a person's physical or mental health, academic performance or ability to participate in school.
    For questions or further assistance, please contact:
    Scott Meyer
    Child Welfare Coordinator
    Office: (916) 294-9000 
    WellSpace WellSpace Health operates a 24-hour Suicide Prevention Crisis Line at
    (916) 368-3111.  Crisis chat and texting support services are also available online for non-emergency situations.