My Philosophy

  • I teach because I want to be the role model that many great teachers had on me. I consider myself a lifelong learner, always trying to learn more, and I want to inspire the children in my classroom to want the same thing. Curriculum, standards and technology move so fast and are ever-changing and children need to understand that lifelong learning is essential to their everyday lives. The feelings I get when a child learns something new are overwhelming and rewarding. Learning is a joint effort, a collaboration of sorts, and I believe with the teamwork of teachers, students and parents, all children are capable of learning. Depending upon the class dynamics, I use a variety of methods and procedures that fit with the specific class that year. I apply real–life situations, humor and fun accompanied by a strong emphasis on academic knowledge. I know when relating the content to real life, the importance and understanding of the topic becomes much more valid, exciting and effective. I give 100% and love every minute of my exciting career!