Assessment and Grading within the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP)

  • What role does assessment play in the MYP?  
    Assessment is integral to all teaching and learning. MYP assessment requires teachers to assess the prescribed subject-group objectives using the assessment criteria for each subject group. In order to provide students with opportunities to achieve at the highest level, MYP teachers develop rigorous tasks that embrace a variety of assessment strategies. As units of study unfold, teachers will conduct formative assessments in order to assess student learning and adjust instruction where necessary to best meet the needs of the students. Formative assessments are essentially the practice leading up to a final summative assessment.

    What does assessment and grading look like in the Middle Years Programme?
    Teachers assess student knowledge using formative and summative assessments. Formative assessment guides teacher instruction and gives students feedback on their progress. Formative assessments are not calculated into the final grade. Summative assessments are assigned as a way for students to demonstrate their knowledge and to “show what they have learned”. Each MYP subject area has four (4) specific grading criteria. Each grading criterion must be assessed at least twice per semester. A student’s final grade is determined based on their summative scores. Essentially, students will be graded on what they actually know and are able to do, rather than behavioral or compliance assignments.   

    How are formative assessments recorded in a teacher's grade book?

    Teachers have options for recording formative assessments. Some assessments are recorded by points, criteria, and comments. When teachers record assessments as comments the following codes may be used:

            C - the assessment was COMPLETED

            P - the assessment was PARTIALLY COMPLETED

            I - the assessment was INCOMPLETE

            M - the assessment was MISSING

            E - the assessment was EXCUSED

    More details may be provided by teachers as necessary. Whether points, criteria or comments are used to record assessments, it is important to remember these do not have an impact on the final grade. They are there to inform the student, the parent and the teacher about progress in class. They are the "practice" leading up to the summative assessment.


    How are summative assessments recorded in a teacher's grade book?

     Teachers will be entering day-to-day assignments in Managebac. After the first quarter only final grades will be entered into Power School. Students and parents will receive more information regarding access to Managebac.


    What is summative criteria?

    MYP assigns four (4) criteria to each subject. Each teacher must assess each criterion two times per semester. Criteria based assessments are assessed using an MYP 8-point rubric. When more than one criterion is assessed in a task, there will be multiple grades. For example if an essay is assessed using Criteria A: Analyzing, B: Organizing C: Producing Text, and D: Using Language, then the teacher will input a separate score for each criterion, thus there will be four (4) grades for the essay.

    The Assessment Criteria for all eight subject areas are listed below.


    Subject Area





    Language and Literature (formerly known as English Language Arts)



    Producing Text

    Using Language

    Language Acquisition (formerly known as World Language)

    Comprehending Spoken and Visual Text

    Comprehending Written and Visual Text


    Using Language

    Individuals and Societies (formerly known as history and/or social science)

    Knowing and Understanding



    Thinking Critically


    Knowing and Understanding

    Inquiring and Designing

    Processing and Evaluating

    Reflecting on the Impacts of Science


    Knowing and Understanding

    Investigating Patterns


    Applying Mathematics in Real-World Contexts

    Arts           (visual and performing)

    Knowing and Understanding

    Developing Skills

    Thinking Creatively


    Physical and Health Education

    Knowing and Understanding

    Planning for Performance

    Applying and Performing

    Reflecting and Improving Performance

    Design (technology & culinary courses)

    Inquiring and Analyzing

    Developing Ideas

    Creating the Solution



    How are final quarter/semester grades determined?

    At the end of the grading period, a teacher will make a best judgment for each of the four prescribed criteria. In the example below, a Language and Literature student received a 5 on his first assessment and a 4 on the second. The teacher has chosen that overall the student has achieved a 5 in the A: Analysing criteria taking into account all formative assessments. The teacher will continue to choose a best judgement for the remaining criterion.


    Language and Literature

    A: Analyzing

    5          4          = 5


    B: Organizing

    7          6          = 7


    C: Producing text

    5          6          = 6


    D: Using language

    5          6          = 6


    TOTAL = 24 … A/A-

    The MYP grade is a 6

    The local CA/FCUSD grade is either an A or an A- (to be determined by the teacher)


    To arrive at a criterion levels total for each student, teachers add together the student’s final achievement levels in all criteria of the subject group. The grade of 1-7 is an IB MYP grade consistent with MYP schools around the world. Folsom Cordova Unified School District has established a corresponding local letter grade for each of the MYP grades. Please note that the no mark in the fall semester will result in an F after two weeks .


    MYP International Grade

    Grade Boundaries (number when all 4 are added together)

    FCUSD Grade (fall semester)

    FCUSD Grade (spring semester)





























     **The grade descriptors in the Student Handbook are incorrect. Please use the above descriptions for grades.

    Where can I go for answers to my additional questions?

    We understand that with any new programme come challenges as well as questions. This year there will be regular informational nights.  Here you will be able to talk directly to administrators and coordinators about the MYP. Please check the school’s website for additional evenings. For additional information, please contact our administration and/or coordinator.