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Mrs. Posner


Speech and Debate is an activity-oriented course designed to give students experience in a variety of speaking situations. Students present demonstrative, informative, and persuasive speeches in addition to participating in group discussion, debate, and oral interpretation of literature. A unit on special occasion speeches is also included, along with a section on Mock Trials and Job Interviewing. Emphasis is placed on preparing (research and organizational skills), delivering speeches and on studying what lies behind the act of public speaking. The class provides a non-threatening atmosphere and a feeling of success for class members. This class is recommended for college-bound students and those wanting to improve their communication skills.



Students will further develop their rhetorical knowledge in the areas of personal and professional communication. Units of study include voice overs, marketing, argumentation/persuasion and Mock Trials. Members of the class may have the opportunity to participate in speech contests, field demonstrations and to hear from guest speakers.



This 9-12 grade GPS class will bring to life the spoken word across cultures. Students will learn how people from various backgrounds negotiate, dine, and form traditions. We will analyze gestures, clothing, posture, and a host of other nonverbal means of communication. In addition, students will participate in games, demonstrations, and simulations to better understand our community and the world around us. We will have a chance to hear from former students and members of our global society. Culminating activities include constructing and presenting a variety of speeches, interviews, and presentations. This course is designed to introduce students to a college level communication class while developing advanced skills in reading, writing, reasoning, and evaluation.