Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the main difference between Walnutwood High School and a traditional high school? WHS delivers the same District approved, state aligned curriculum as the traditional schools with the main differences being the delivery method and pace of instruction. At WHS we feature the independent study model where students typically meet with an assigned academic adviser (teacher) a minimum of once each week, and the bulk of the student’s work is done at home and the student, in conjunction with their teacher, determine a pace that is appropriate for the individual.
    2. If I need help between my weekly appointments with my teacher, what can I do? Teachers are available via phone and email. If you get stuck or have a question you can contact them. In addition, we have drop in tutorial sessions where help is available and we have a bank of on-line resources that you can utilize.
    3. How do I apply to Walnutwood High School? Go to our Enrollment page to learn what is involved and download all necessary forms.
    4. What are the requirements for being a full time virtual student? To be a full time virtual student you need to have scored Advanced on your most recent STAR tests or obtain approval from the principal. In addition, you must be computer literate and have access to a computer with internet access outside of the school.
    5. How often do I meet with my teacher? Once enrolled, you will be assigned a teacherIf you are a traditional independent study student or in a hybrid independent study/virtual program, you will meet with your teacher weekly at an assigned time. If you are a virtual student we expect you to be in contact with your teacher in person, on-line or phone every other week and come in for proctored test as needed.
    6. Why is homework so important at WHS? As an independent study student it is important to remember that virtually all of your “school work” is home work! You are typically given a week’s worth of homework that you are expected to complete and bring to your following meeting. Please note that attendance at WHS is determined by the amount of homework you complete. 
    7. How much homework does a typical independent study student have per week? We expect that you work a minimum of 5 hours per day, or 25 hours per week on your school work. 
    8. How many courses does a typical student take and how long does it take to complete and independent study course? At WHS we have found that students typically do best when they focus on two courses and one elective at a time. Once they are accustomed to the program and, along with their teacher, feel confident they can successfully take on more, they may add a third course. Students progress at their own pace and typically take an average of 6-7 weeks to complete a semester course.
    9. Are the graduation requirements for WHS the same as the traditional high schools? Yes they are. We are held to the same standard as a traditional high school, the main difference is our delivery method. The graduation requirements are as follows:
      Graduation Requirements:                                        Credits
                  English                                                              40
                  World Cultures                                                10
                  U. S. History                                                     10
                  Government                                                      5
                  Economics                                                         5
                  Math including Algebra I and Geometry          30
                  Science (10 Life Sci and 10 Physical Earth)      20
                  3rd Year of Science or CTE                             10
                  Fine Arts/Foreign Language/CTE                  10
                  Health                                                                5
                  Physical Education                                           20
                  Electives                                                             55

                  Total                                                               220 credits

    *Beginning with the freshman class of 2012-13, students must complete a course in Geometry and a course utilizing a differentiated instructional delivery method (i.e. online, AP, college course, ROP, etc.)

    1. What does a typical independent study student look like? We enroll a wide spectrum of students at Walnutwood as you would encounter at any other school. However, in order to be successful as an independent study student certain attributes are important including:

    ·          Must be mature and willing to take responsibility for their own progress

    ·         A high level of discipline and self-motivation (time management)

    ·         Good communication skills, both written and verbal

    ·         Ability to critically analyze and reflect on assignments

    ·         Internet and computer literate

    ·         Able to solve problems

    ·         Willing to communicate with their instructor, asking questions about material or concepts of which they are unsure

    1. Can I play sports at my previous FCUSD high school if I attend WHS? Yes, you can. Contact the athletic director from that school for more information. If you are planning on attending a Division I school and play sports, ask about any regulations pertaining to independent study and DI sports.
    2. Can I graduate from my previous high school if I attend WHS? No. Students who attend Walnutwood High School receive a WHS diploma equivalent to those from the three traditional district high schools and are encouraged to participate in our graduation ceremony.
    3. Does WHS offer all the classes I need to graduate from high School? Yes, we offer everything you need to earn a high school diploma, but not necessarily everything that is needed or desired to gain entry to a university. Our counselor is more than willing to help students who are wanting an advanced world language or AP science course work out a schedule where the classes can be taken at one of our traditional high schools or community colleges.
    4. If I am a WHS student, may I attend dances and functions at other schools? Yes, as long as you in good standing at Walnutwood and follow the rules of that school. For instance, if a guest pass is required for a dance, then get the pass completed so you may attend. Please note, all WHS behavior requirements extend to all school sponsored activities.
    5. Are there standardized tests at WHS? Yes. Smarter Balance , CAASPP and Physical Education Testing
    6. Does Walnutwood provide an independent study option to elementary students? No. The elementary school independent study/home school option is best met at Folsom Cordova Charter School which only serves elementary students and their families. For more information go to: https://www.fcusd.org/charterweb/
    7. What calendar does Walnutwood follow? Walnutwood follows the FCUSD instructional calendar, a copy of which can be found on the districts web page at: https://www.fcusd.org/news/resources/calendars/. Please review our holiday and non-student days so you may plan accordingly.