• Walnutwood Course List 19-20 

    Independent Study Options at Walnutwood

    Walnutwood Independent Study Program serves students in 3 ways


    Blended Students

    Blended students participate in both on-line and traditional independent study courses. This category includes full time Virtual Students who may find certain classes where direct face-to-face interaction with a teacher proves valuable. Our traditional independent study students are also eligible to participate in our on-line learning program. 

    Traditional Independent Study
    For students that wish to engage in a traditional independent study that includes meeting with an assigned academic adviser (teacher) a minimum of once each week, Walnutwood provides a traditional Independent Study program. In addition to the weekly meeting with their teacher students will attend subject specific enrichment seminars.

    Enrichment and Support
    Walnutwood offers weekly enrichment opportunities in selected academic areas such as Art, Science, Math, and Creative Writing.
     These weekly seminars and labs support the California content standards-based curricula and allow for students to learn with their peers and participate in discussions, presentations and labs that are not possible in a traditional independent study setting.

    100% Virtual Students
    These students are able to master the curriculum presented solely through online programs.  Prinicpal Approval, special circumstances.

    The Choice is Yours
    At Walnutwood we believe we are equipped to offer the best alternative high school experience possible. We offer a student the flexibility to earn a high school education in a variety of different ways. Do you want to attend a complete virtual high school?  You can.  Do you want to take a course online but still receive the support of one-on-one instruction?  You can. Would you like to take some high school courses completely online, but get one-one instruction in others? You can. The choice is yours!