• Walnutwood High School

    Independent Study

    Dear Student and Family,

    Welcome to Walnutwood! I am looking forward to helping you reach your academic goals this year. 

    If you, your parent, or your guardian has any questions, the most efficient way to contact me is through email since I check it throughout the day.


    Appointment Guidelines

    You have been scheduled a day and a time to come to Walnutwood. This 45-minute block has been reserved for you, so it is important that you are on time. We only get that 45-miuntes to spend together each week, and by not coming to your appointment or arriving late, you are losing your time. Remember, if a test takes you longer than your 45 minutes, you can continue taking it after your appointment.

    You should make every effort to keep your appointment, but if you absolutely cannot, only your parent or guardian can call and excuse you. He or she should call BEFORE your missed appointment to explain why you cannot make it. If there is an available appointment, I can reschedule you for later in the week, but you will not be allowed to drop in on another student’s appointment.

    Remember that transportation problems are not a valid excuse for missing your appointment. Also, please do not schedule doctor or dentist appointments during our 45-minute appointment.

    After I have spoken to your parent or guardian about your absence, you are not excused from your homework. So instead of needing to complete your homework for one week, you would need to do 2 weeks worth of homework.

    If you fail to attend appointments or fail to complete your homework, you risk being placed on Academic Probation.

    WHS Necessities

    You will need to have a homework binder with dividers that you bring with you each week. Before your appointment time, please make sure the following items are in your binder:

    1. This information packet
    2. Completed homework that is stapled with your name clearly labeled.
    3. Yellow Assignment Sheet
    4. Pencil


    Homework Standards

    All of your assignments should reflect your best work possible. Success at school will depend on the time you put into your homework and studying. Credits are earned by successfully passing the required tests for each class. If you do not pass a test, be aware that you must redo all the homework for that particular test; therefore, it is very important that you study for each test. Just completing the homework may not sufficiently prepare you for the test.

    If your homework is incomplete for any reason, you will not be allowed to take a test until your work is acceptable. Please do not become discouraged if you need to redo or rewrite an assignment. It is all part of the process to become a more effective learner.

    Questions, Questions, Questions

    If you have any questions or confusion regarding an assignment, please contact me immediately by email or phone. Do NOT wait until your appointment time to get answers. It is too late then! Remember that your homework is to be complete when you come for your appointment. Not understanding an assignment is not an excuse for incomplete work. If you find yourself stuck, try these to help yourself:

    1. Read your textbook.
      1. Reading is defined as reading EVERY word on the page. Don’t skim, read. Don’t look, read. Don’t glance, read.
    2. Check the index in the back of your book to help guide you to an answer.
    3. Check out www.KhanAcademy.com for math and the textbook webpage for other courses.
    4. Ask your parent/guardian to help you.
    5. Attend our Tutorials on Tuesday or Wednesday!
    6. Google it!!!
    7. Email or call me!