• Warm-Up/Fast Breaks
    Below are two videos that are great to do for an exercise warm-up, or if you need to take an exercise break from your school work.
     Here's some more exercises that you can do to get your body going. All the exercises should be completed 10 times or for 10 seconds. Your heart should be beating faster when you are done with these movements.
    Jog-You can do this in place or around the room safely.
    Jumping Jacks-Jump out into a big X, jump back into a little L.
    Crab Walk-Otherside known as our backwards bridge position. Sit on the floor, reach arms behind you, lift the body in the air, move around the room safely.
    Knee Lifts-Alternate lifting the knees (right then left), you choose the speed.
    Arm Circles-Do big ones first, forwards and backwards. Then do small ones again forwards and backwards.
    Squats-You can go half way down (sit in the chair but don't because there is ??? on your chair) or all the way down.
    Swim-Do the crawl stroke and back stroke.
    Bear Walk-Bend forwards at the waist to get in forwards bridge position. Move safely around the room.
    Superman-Lay flat on the floor with your arms stretched out over your head (arms next to your ears), and your legs stretched out behind you. Your eyes are looking at the floor. Lift your arms and legs up at the same time. You should only lift your hands, arms, feet, and legs high enough so that it doesn't hurt your body. Lift and hold for 5 seconds, then relax your body with your head turned to the side. After about 5 seconds, lift again for another 5 seconds.
    Pretend Jump Rope-Jump up and down, turn your wrists and forearms like you're turning a jump rope.
    Push-Ups-These can be done from the knees too (modified push-ups).
    Forward Lunges-Stand shoulder width apart, take a big step forward with your right foot, and lower your knee to the ground. Push back up into a standing position. Do the same with the left foot.
    March-Do this in place or around the room safely. Stomp your feet if you like.
    Reverse Lunges-Just like forward lunges but step backwards instead.
    Twists-While standing, twist your body at the waist from right to left gently.
    Shoulder Shrugs-Lift shoulders up and down. What? Huh? Where? I don't know.
    Front Kicks-Alternate a right leg kick forward, then a left leg kick forward.
    Side Kicks-Do a right leg kick out to the right side while leaning towards the left side. Do a left leg kick out to the left side while leaning towards the right. Keep your balance.
    Backwards Leg Bends-Lift right heel up towards your "seat", then the left heel.
    Wrist Rolls-Rotate your wrists in inner circles and outer circles.