• Students are expected to behave in P.E. in the same manner in which they behave in their classroom, lunch room, library, computer lab, or music class.


    #1 - Listen and follow directions.

    #2 - Keep ALL body parts and objects to yourself (examples include feet, ponytails, jackets, scarves, water bottles, etc.).
    #3 - Respect others and the equipment.

    #4 - Wear clothes appropriately (including jackets, hats, sunglasses).

    #5 - Give your best effort.

    #6 - Be a good sport.

    If expectations are not met:

    #1 - Reminder of the expectation. I counsel the student on how to inprove her/his behavior.

    If the behavior or action is repeated:

    #2 - Time-Out of the lesson (usually an active time-out). Students are ALWAYS invited back to P.E. after the time-out period.
    If the behavior or action is still being repeated, or something happens at the very end of P.E.:

    #3 - Loss of partial or whole recess. I have a conversation with the classroom teacher regarding the student.
    If the behavior or action is still being repeated:  
    #4 - Loss of P.E. for 1 day. The student goes to the front office, possibly the principal's office. A call is made to the parent.