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  • Phones in the Classroom, on our Mental Health, and in our Lives

    Posted by SAB on 9/22/2019

    Phones are taking over our world. Social Media, and all other access to the Internet on our phones, seems to be taking a toll on Students' mental health, ability to focus in the classroom and lives in general. Most students get their first phone between 3rd and 5th grade, yet are not being taught internet/social media safety or proper phone use. Please respond to one or more of the following questions:


    1. Have you received lessons on internet safety or proper phone use?

    A. If yes, when? Did it stick with you? What were you taught?

    B. Do you think this should be a mandatory lesson taught in schools? If so, starting at what age?

    2. What do you think Teachers should do about phone use in the classroom to best benefit all students?

    A. Have you heard of Yondr? If so, what do you think about it? (Feel free to look it up and then comment!)

    B. Are phone pockets in classrooms efficient? (Pros/cons)

    C. How can we help Students stay off their phones in the classroom?

    3. How have you seen Social Media or cyberbullying affect your own or a friend's environment? What do you wish was done differently?

    4. Comment on any topic, or publish any article, related to how you wish the phone situation was handled or how you think Students should be taught about safety relating to their phones and social media.



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  • What would you want to see?

    Posted by SAB on 9/20/2019

    If you were in charge of Folsom Cordova for a day, what positive change would you make? For example, you’d start a mentorship program that better bridges middle and high school. Whatever it is, tell us below! 

    What are you teaching the world?

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