• Test Retakes

    In general, test retakes will begin about a week after the chapter test is returned, and need to complete before the next chapter test.

    Retakes may be done during advisory any day,  or during lunch on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or by appointment.
    You may take the retake test once.
    You will have the option to retake only certain sections of the test--you will choose which sections to take, or all of the test.
    You can only retake the test if your score is below 85%, and the highest you can earn on the retake will be 85%.
    In order to retake a test, you must do the following at least 24 hours prior to retaking the test:
    - complete all assignments from the chapter.
    - test corrections:  correct ALL of the incorrect problems on the chapter test. Be sure to include the problem correctly worked out with any necessary shown work, the reason you missed the problem and what you should have done instead (in sentences).  Staple this under your original test and show the teacher.  (See example below.)
    The score on the retake test section will replace the score on those problems on the original test.   Study hard and prepare well so that your score does not go down!  Come see me for extra help if you need to.  I am more than happy to go over your questions and test mistakes.
     test correction sample
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