In order to retake a test, students must do the following at least 24 hours prior to retaking the test in class on Friday, September 10:
    1. Complete the following HW assignments from the unit and turn them in to Mrs. Passovoy:

      • Add Integers worksheet, Subtract Integers worksheet, Mult/Divide Integers worksheet, Fraction Review worksheet, "Time for Fun" worksheet, "Karate Pig" worksheet. 
    2. Correct all incorrect problems on the unit test, following the format shown below in the picture. You will access the test through Edulastic. Be sure to include the problem correctly worked out, the reason you missed the problem and what you should have done instead (in sentences). Corrections need to be done on a separate sheet of paper; graphs on graph paper. At the top of your corrections page, list what sections of the test you would like to retake.
    3. Retake sections for the Unit 0 test are #1-5, #6-7, #8-9, #10-11. You may do as many sections as you like, but you must do all the problems within a section. 
    Mrs Passovoy will give the corrections back to the students prior to retaking the test so that they can study and see any errors they are still making.
     test correction sample


    The score on the retake test section will replace the score on those problems on the original test.   Study hard and prepare well so that your score increases!