• Returning Students

    You must register via PowerSchool Parent Portal/InfoSnap to be registered for the 2021-2022 school year.  Additionally, we as that each student completes a Course Selection Form to select their elective class next year.  If you have any questions, you may email your student's counselor directly or complete the Counselor Request Form.  Any paperwork (ie. proof of residency, immunizations, etc) may be turned in to the Mills office.


    New Students

    If you are new to Mills, please see the Student/Parent Orientation presentation for helpful information.



    6th Grade Registration
    Welcome to our incoming 6th grade students!  Mills counselors will be presenting in 5th grade classrooms February 2nd – February 5th.  Envelopes with registration materials will be provided to every student via the classroom teacher or sent home in the mail (if you are a full time Distance Learning student).  Materials are due back to either Mills or your student’s elementary school by Friday, February 12th.   There will be a virtual Parent Orientation on Thursday, February 11th.

    Registration Presentation & Video

    Course Selection Form

    6th Grade Elective Course Description


    7th and 8th Grade Registration
    For current 6th and 7th grade students, Mills counselors will be presenting registration information in Science classes February 9th – February 19th.  Students will be choosing their top 3 elective choices the day of the presentation.  If you have missed the presentation, links are below to the presentation and the Course Selection Google Form.  If a student does not submit their choices using the Course Selection Google Form, they will be randomly assigned an elective class.

    Registration Presentation

    Course Selection Google Form – 7th

    Course Selection Google Form – 8th

    7th/8th Grade Elective Course Description



    9th Grade Registration

    For our 8th grade students, Cordova High School counselors will be presenting virtual registration information in Science classes on January 19th & 20th.  Counselors will return to Science classes where students will complete a Google Form registration form.  There is a virtual 8th grade parent orientation on Thursday, January 21st.   Your current Mills counselors are happy to answer any registration questions.

    CHS Registration Information (English)

    CHS Registration Information (Spanish)

    CHS Registration Information (Russian)

    CHS Registration Information (Farsi)

    9th Course Descriptions




  • Elective Options

    6th Grade Electives

    Beginning Band
    Beginning Orchestra
    Student Body Leadership
    Elective Wheel: PLTW Technology, Computers, Exploratory Spanish or Nutrition

    7th/8th Grade Electives
    Beginning Band
    Advanced Band
    Beginning Orchestra
    Advanced Orchestra
    Gateway to PLTW
    PLTW Robotics
    Spanish 1
    Elective Wheel: PLTW, Computers, Exploratory Spanish or Nutrition 
    Teacher's Aid (8th grade only)

  • Applications

    Applications are required for Student Body Leadership and Yearook elective classes.  If you are selecting Leadership or Yearbook as one of your top 3 choices, you MUST complete the application to be placed in the class.  The application window is open from February 1st - February 19th. 


    Leadership Application

    Yearbook Application

  • Scheduling Questions

    Counselors are available to meet with students regarding questions about their schedules.  During the first two weeks of school, students may submit a schedule change for an elective change or if their is a problem with their schedule.  Schedule change requests are made upon principal approval and class availability.


    Questions?  Please complete the Counselor Request Form and your counselor will contact you!