• Dress Code:  

     Tops - Collared shirts are preferred, but tasteful t-shirts are allowed and ALL shirts MUST have sleeves. See through, crop tops or any short shirts not covering the midsection are not allowed. Save these outfits for the weekend.

     Bottoms - Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be PAST fingertips when arms are straight.  Pants must be intact jeans (no holes in the legs or posterior), Khakis', cords, Capri's or slacks. Yoga style stretch pants: white-black-color, striped, or print are not allowed during business hours, 8 AM to 4 PM.  NO SAGGING ALLOWED! 

     Hats – Hats, bandanas, hoods, beanies, etc. may not be worn in the classroom.  Do-rags, bandanas, and buffs are not allowed on campus or at any school function (and will be immediately confiscated).

     Anything with language not conducive to a safe and positive learning environment, unauthorized group affiliations, drug/alcohol/tobacco references, or otherwise Supreme Court deemed (Tinker v Des Moines 1969) offensive content is prohibited. 

     All undergarments must be 100% covered.

     Bedroom slippers and pajama bottoms are prohibited, students at CHS are “showing up for work” therefore they need to be in Business Casual clothing for their work day.  Students violating dress code will be coached up on the Business Casual concept and given sample clothing to wear or they may be sent home.

    dress code