• Week of May 20th

    Mon:  Homework workday and Practice Test        HMWK: Finish all homework and bring books back for return

    Tues: Return Books and Grade Assessment Q's

    Wed:  GradWalk and Review Day

    Thurs: TEST CHAPTER 14

    Fri:  Six Flags

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  • Week of May 13th

    Mon: Chp 14 Sec 3     HMWK: Assessment Q's pg 559 #1+2

    Tues:  Chp 14 Sec 4    HMWK: Assessment Q's pg 569 #1+2

    Wed:  Planet Bracelets  Write up due Friday 5/17     HMWK: Print up section 5 notes

    Thurs:  Chp 14 Sec 5     HMWK: Assessment Q's pg 575 #1+2

    Fri:  Solar System Review Adventure


    Next Week:

    Book Return Tuesday

    Homework due Tuesday

    Test Chp 14 Thursday May 23rd

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  • Week of May 6th

    Mon:  Begin Chp 14 Sec 1         HMWK:  Finish up Crater Lab (typed conclusion only) due tomorrow

    Tues:  Collect Lab; finish Chp 14 Sec 1         HMWK: Assessment Q's Pg 544 #1-3

    Wed:  Chp 14 Sec 2          HMWK: Assessment Q's Pg 550 #1-3

    Thurs:  Secrets of the Sun video with Notes (Due Monday: 5/13)

    Fri: Planet Posters

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  • Week of April 29th

    Mon:  BRO     HMWK: Finsh Moon Phases WKSheet

    Tues:  Crater Lab       HMWK:  Typed Conclusion due 5/7

    Wed: Correct Assessment Q's Pg 471,477,485,491

    Thurs: Review Packet in class and Study

    Fri: TEST CHP 12

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  • Week of April 23rd

    Tues:  Practice CAST testing


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