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    What is School Readiness?

    The years from birth to age five are a time of significant growth and change. In these years children develop basic knowledge, understanding, and interests they need to become successful learners. A child's school readiness includes five major areas: 

    Social development(play and friendship)

    Physical and motor development (play, sensory, health, nutrition, safety and well being)

    Emotional development ( expressing feelings, mental wellness)

    Language and communication development( interaction, communication, listening and speaking)

    Learning(music,art, cognition) experiences and interventions during the first 5 years of life. 

    The SPELL spring board provides children with the necessary skills to start school and be ready to learn. You and your family will benefit from child who loves learning. Your child will be happier and a more successful life-long learner if he or she starts school ready to learn. As you child's first and most important teachers, you hold the key to their future successes. 


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