• Gifted and Talented
    Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) is a district program with a focus on the identification of students who are gifted (grades 3-5 elementary schools) and meeting their needs through specialized curriculum resources, instructional strategies, and teacher training at each of our elementary schools.
    For questions regarding GATE specifically, please email our GATE Facilitator, Ms. Shawn Kivley, at the email link provided on this page.  If you have questions about one of our Academy for Advanced Learning schools, often referred to as GATE academies, please contact the specific school using one of the links below.  Thank you!  
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    GATE Testing:  
    This fall, 2022, the testing department will test all 3rd grade students and all 4th & 5th grade students who are new to our district.  Our testing department is in the midst of GATE testing throughout all of our elementary schoolsOnce they have completed testing at all sites, they will need time to score them.  Additionally, for students who missed the first test, a make-up date will be emailed to parents, from our testing department.  
    Results: The goal is to have results shared with you by December break.  Testing will send the results to the school sites and you will receive a letter indicating if your child has qualified or not. 
    If your child has not qualified, there is nothing to return.  Your child will not be able to retake the test once they have taken it this school year.  The test is standardized and requires one year between assessment. 
    If your child has qualified, you will receive a separate notice that you can turn in to your child's teacher upon receipt or wait until the parents' informational meeting on Feb. 13 at the ESC (District Office) in the Boardroom from 5:30-6:30. The notice to participate gives us, as your chlid's district, permission to edit their records and mark them as GATE. This does NOT mean entry into one of our academies.  Your child will still attend the same elementary school unless you apply for, and are accepted to one of our academies.  As stated above, each of our elementary schools is a GATE school.  
    PLEASE NOTE:  If your child does qualify for GATE, your child will be supported in his / her current classroom.  Additionally, this does not guarantee admission to one of our academy schools.  ALL academies have an application process that will require parents to contact the schools individually.  Each school will update their website with application information as needed.  
    Academies for Advanced Learning & STEM Academy
    Academy Applications The application process is complete.  No more applications will be accepted for the 2022-2023 school year. Assessment for academy acceptance/enrollment will be conducted by each school site and those sites will contact parents once assessments are scored and results are finalized.  Please grant the school sites grace and patience as this can be a taxing process.  
    For all Academy questions, please contact the specific schools by clicking the links below.  The GATE Department does not handle academy applications and enrollment.  Each school site processes independently. 
    STEM Academy Applications:  
    If you have questions about the STEM Academy specifically, please contact the school directly through the link below.  
    Check back often as we update and expand upon this site.

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  • Ms. Shawn Kivley
    GATE Facilitator
    Phone: 916.294.9000 
    FAX: 916.294.9020
    GATE Facilitator email: gate@fcusd.org