• Speaker      Speech and Debate I  ~ Mrs. Losch                                           

    Speech/Debate I is a practical course designed to offer the novice speaker a number of opportunities to organize,  prepare, and present public speaking assignments. A “laboratory setting” will allow the beginning speaker to stand in front of a live audience and present his/her practiced oration. In addition to public speaking, further performance opportunities may be included in the area of public oral reading. Students will learn about the role of verbal and non-verbal communication, proper delivery tchniques, and the effectiveness of language, gestures, and organization techniques.                      

    Some students may already have confidence when speaking in front of others while some may be terrified. Either way, students' skills will grow and improve throughout the term, and for most students, the fear is greatly decreased.  Writing and delivering a speech will become a much more manageable task for all students who put in the time and effort.

    1st Semester:  a speech of introduction, an artifact speech, an informative speech, be a storyteller, and in a group setting, students will write and film a commercial on a "bogus" product that they created, then bring it to class on a DVD or flashdrive to share with the class.
    2nd semester, students will give a demonstration speech, learn about the powers of persuasion, argumentation and debate, give impromptu speeches, play communication games, and end the year with a ceremonial speech. Students will also listen to and/or view famous speeches and analyze them. A very fun, full and exciting curriculum.  I look forward to having you all in my class!
    If you should have any questions or concerns, please ask or come see me during FLEXtime.

  • Mrs. Losch - G 105
    B.A. Degree in Speech Communications California Polytechnic State University ~ San Luis Obispo
    Minors in:  English Language Arts and Drama
    Secondary Credential
    2nd Term Schedule 2019:
    1st  Blk - Speech/Debate 1
    2nd Blk - Speech/Debate I
                     'A' Lunch
    3rd Blk - Prep
    4th Blk - Personal Strategic Plan (PSP)
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