Welcome to our class!!!


              Hello, my name is Heather Sancedo and I am the Second/Third grade teacher in Room #13. This is my seventeenth year teaching in the Folsom Cordova School District. I am looking forward to working with you and your student this school year. Elementary school is an exciting time for both the child and the parent. I will be working hard to make this a positive school experience for all our students.


    Our early bird school day will start at exactly 8:25AM and will be dismissed at 1:52 pm. Late birds will begin school at exactly 9:10am and will be dismissed at 2:37pm. Please be on time to pick your student up as it can cause your student anxiety.  

    To ensure the maximum success for both our early and late birds we will follow a strict time schedule. Students will not be permitted in the classroom, outside the door, or on the playground prior to their assigned start time. Any student left after their dismissal time will be taken to the office for sign-out. Thank you for your understanding and support on this matter.


               Students are welcome to bring their own snack to eat during recess time. Please ensure that your student’s snack is small and nutritious. Students are not allowed to share snacks with others due to allergies.



              Supply List Suggestions

    • 1. headphones or earbuds in ziploc bag

      2. Backpack without wheels

      3. Lunchbox and water bottle

      4. 2-  two pocket folders

      5. #2 pencils

      6. colored pencils

      7. thin tip markers

      8. 5 glue sticks

      9. small pencil box


      ***Please, write student's name on all of the above items.

      Wish List Items: (any brand)


      Band aids

      Glue sticks 


    Classroom Expectations

              My classroom is designed to provide a positive and secure learning environment. I consider teaching a partnership between teacher, parent, and student. The expectations for our classroom are based on the Theodore Judah school wide plan as outlined in the student handbook. There are also basic classroom rules that we will review the first few weeks of school. These rules are also posted in our classroom to help us remember on a daily basis.


    Consequence/Rewards Plan

    Our classroom behavior plan is based on an immediate consequence and reward system. Consequences for not following the rules are as follows: reminder of the rules/verbal warning, redirection to an appropriate activity, time out during class, time out during recess, call/note home , and visit to Principal’s Office. Students who are caught following the rules and making good choices will receive praise and earn privileges. My main concern is that all students have a safe environment to work and play in.



              Homework is an important method for reinforcing the topics being covered in class. Students will receive a nightly reading log that requires them to answer a question based on the reading they have completed that night and a nightly math page that goes along with the lesson taught that day. Homework folders will need to travel back and forth with the student to school each day. Absent work will be placed in the student's homework folder and needs to be returned back to class upon completion.


     Grading Policy

                Student grades are based on the Folsom Cordova Unified School District's Grading Scale and Report Card for 1st and 2nd Grade. Students who are showing mastery of grade level standards consistently and are earning 80% or above on assessments earn the grade of "M" meeting standards. Students who are able to able to show proficiency in some areas on occasion and are earning 60-79% on assessments earn the grade of "A" approaching grade level standards. Students who are struggling to show mastery of grade level standards and are earning 59% or below on assessments earn the grade of  "D" developing toward grade level standards.


              If you are interested in volunteering, please let me know. We would love to have you. Our class is in need of a Room Parent(s) to help organize classroom parties and our rooms PTA activities. Adopt a class is another great way to support our classroom. Thank you.



              The black Theodore Judah folder will be sent home each Wednesday with all school communications and completed student work. Please return the folders the following day (Thursday).

              If at anytime you need to speak with me, please feel free to send in a message or email me at HSancedo@fcusd.org. I will do my best to return emails promptly. We will have a regularly scheduled conference in November this year. Again, if there is anything I can do to assist in making your student’s school year easier please let me know.




    Heather Sancedo

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