• This course is designed to continue the development of the Spanish language and knowledge of cultural practices and traditions.  Students who have successfully completed Spanish 2 with a minimum score of C or better are admitted. The course is aligned with the California State Standards and the Common Core Standards.  All activities and lessons are tailored to meet one or more of these standards. Emphasis is on continued development of the four major language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In addition to these skills, students will explore the many facets of culture and heritage in Spanish-speaking countries. Students are expected to participate in Spanish. It is a total immersion course and English is rarely used.

    We use Que Chevere! level 3 textbook.

    Preliminary lesson:

    • Review of present and past

    Unit 1:

    Greetings, school activities, jobs, movies, likes and dislikes

    Unit 2:

    Family, negation/disagreement, house, activities in progress, general statements, daily routine, emotions/relationships, household chores, tell others what to do

    Unit 3:

    Newspaper, activities in the media, events in the past, news

    Unit 4:

    Description, feelings, relationships, apologies, family, orders and advice, using the phone

    Unit 5:

    Driving, road signs, giving directions, train travel, the country, camping activities