• supply list  
    Organization is a key component in the overall Fifth Grade experience. The school supplies listed below recommended to set your child up for success! We realize parents like to shop back to school sales so Mr. Berry and I have compiled a list of things we think are helpful to have. Note: Everything you have you will need to carry in your backpack to each class. Therefore, limit your extra supplies and keep at home. There will not be desk storage.
    Helpful Supplies: 
    ~ 1 set earbuds or headphones- essential!
    ~ 1 binder with 4-5 pocket dividers OR an accordion style folder
    ~ binder paper to use throughout the year; keep extra at home
    ~ 1 spiral bound notebook for math
    ~ 1 composition book for grammar
    ~ 1 metric ruler (centimeters & millimeters)
    ~ 1 protractor for geometry
    ~ 1 pencil pouch with pencils, a few blue ballpoint pens and erasers
    ~ glue sticks; keep extras at home and bring as needed
    ~ 1 pair scissors
    ~ 3 highlighters for writing: 1 green, 1 yellow & 1 pink
    ~ 1 set colored pencils
    Additional Art supplies which are nice to have for projects: Keep at home until needed
    ~ crayons, markers, paper cutter, scrapbook paper, gel pens, water colors etc.
    ~ oil pastels
    ~ black fine point tip Sharpe pen 
    ~ Salt, flour and poster paint for Salt Dough Map Project (project in August)
    ~ Sock snowman craft: 1 sock, felt, buttons, beans, googly eyes (project in December)
    Teacher wish List for the Classroom:
    ~Science Studies Weekly newspaper- Mr. Berry
    ~Adopt-a-Grade donations are always appreciated!
    ~Any extra supplies like quart & gallon baggies, tissue, Clorox wipes & paper towels
    ~Games like Scrabble, Clue, Sorry! & Boggle- Mrs. Foster