• Percussion

    Name: Marc Cambridge - Folsom Symphony, Cambridge Sound

    Phone: 916-308-7862
    Email: marc@cambridge-sound.com

    Name: Walter Kaweski, M.A. - Folsom Symphony

    Phone: 916-599-0532

    Email: wkaweski@comcast.net

    Levels Taught: Beginning - Advanced
    Areas of Concentration: Mallet percussion: (marimba & xylophone), snare drum technique, musicianship/performance techniques, music reading and theory.
    Name: Brooke Ringger, Ringger Studios
    Phone: 916-835-3265 and 916-835-3257
    Website: www.ringgerstudios.com
    Areas of Concentration:  Drums, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, Vocal Instruction


    Name: Laura Harrington - Folsom Symphony

    Levels taught: Beginner through intermediate


    Name: Isaac Smith - Folsom Symphony

    Levels Taught: beginning-intermediate


    Name: Alex Robul - Folsom Symphony

    Levels taught: All (beginner through advanced)