• Click on the links below to see the course expectation for each course:
     Materials for class: SUGGESTED: Binder with Spanish sections/dividers (vocabulary, grammar, class activities, culture, extras) and notebook for grammar notes. Grammar notes and class materials will be checked for a grade.
    Policy on Tardies:
    •If you aren’t in class and seated by the time the bell rings, you will be marked late. Tardies can affect your citizenship grade.
    •1st late and 2nd late: warning, talk with me
    •3rd late : 30 mins. Detention after school, a call home
    •4th late and 5th late: 5o mins. Detention after school, a call home
    •6th late and 7th: SATURDAY school assigned by admin.
    Important to note:
    Students are expected to participate in Spanish and the teacher will be speaking in Spanish 90% of the time.                                     
    • Homework- No late work will be accepted!
    • Absence- Make-ups must be completed within 1 week and the school policy is followed. See your PAWSport
    • Long-term assignments (workbooks, projects, presentations, etc.) which are given five or more days in advance are due on the day specified, regardless of absences between the day assigned and the day due. (Options if absence can't be avoided- email me the pictures of assignment with required details visible, have a friend/parent/etc. turn in the assignment to me on the due date, etc.)
    • All electronic devices must be put away in your backpack during tests. If you have any of these devices are out during a test it’s an immediate zero on that test.