• First Grade Supply List


    Personal items: (please label everything with your child’s name!) 

    • Backpack
    • lunch box (if your child plans to bring his/her lunch)
    • Personal size whiteboard (9”x12” one side should have guiding lines for writing and the other side should be blank) Staples carries high quality ones (they’re identified in store as the “Expo 8.9”x11.8” double sided learning board”) and Lakeshore Learning carries these as well
    • 2 durable two-pocket plastic folders (one red one blue)
    • standard size pencil box


    *Please place the following items in your child’s standard size pencil box:

    • 1 small box of crayons (24 count is perfect)
    • 4 glue sticks
    • 4 sharpened pencils (Ticonderoga brand is best)
    • 1 personal pencil sharpener with catcher
    • 2 pink beveled erasers and several pencil topper erasers
    • 2 black fine tip EXPO whiteboard markers
    • Fiskars brand scissors (label with your child’s name)


    Wish List Supplies:

    • Clorox Cleaning Wipes
    • Pencils -Ticonderoga is best
    • Pencil topper erasers
    • Top load sheet protectors
    • Crayons
    • White cardstock paper
    • Gallon sized & Sandwich sized Ziploc bags
    • Post-it notes
    • Black fine tip EXPO whiteboard markers
    • small party favor type toys for our treasure box
    • books (any kind) for my book baskets 
    Thank you very much! Russell Ranch families are the BEST!