• What is Advisory?

    Advisory classes usually meet once per week, on Monday.  When possible, students will stay with their advisory teacher over the course of their four years at Vista.  Vista del Lago High School’s advisory program has three purposes:

    1. Create positive and caring relationships among staff and students, which promotes an emotionally and physically safe environment for all students.

    2. A support system to promote high levels of learning for all students.

    3. School wide exposure to relevant and important issues, which include college and career readiness as well as social and emotional growth.


    Despite what some may believe, Advisory was never intended as a “free period.” It was created to ensure that no secondary school student becomes anonymous – the class promotes students’ social, emotional and moral growth, while providing personal and academic guidance. 

    How Advisory Works:

    Students meet with their advisory class every Monday. Throughout the year students participate in lessons/activities in their advisory class that focus on relevant issues, academic success, and building a positive school culture and academic environment.