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    What is the DELAC?

    A district is required to form a DELAC if it has 51 or more English learner students. The committee is comprised of school staff, parents of EL students, other parents and community members who are interested in English learner programs. At least 51 percent of the committee must be made up of parents of English learner students who are not employed by the district. DELAC members are elected by ELAC members at school sites.

    Advisory Duties

    The purpose of the DELAC is to advise, not govern, EL services and programs offered by the district. As an advisory group, DELAC member duties include:

    • Developing a Master Plan for educational programs and services to English Learners.
    • Conducting a district-wide needs assessment on a school-by-school basis.
    • Establishing district program goals and objectives for English Learners.
    • Developing a plan to ensure compliance with teacher and paraprofessional requirements to teach English Learners.
    • Administrating the annual language census.
    • Reviewing and commenting on the district’s reclassification procedures for English Learners.
    • Performing self-evaluation to determine if the DELAC is meeting its goals and appropriately representing the district’s English Learners.

    The overall goal of the DELAC is to improve our English learners’ acquisition of fluency in English and to help our students achieve academic success.

    DELAC Meetings

    All DELAC meetings, including subcommittees, are required by law to be open to the public. Meeting agendas must be posted in a public place a minimum of 72 hours in advance.

    An ideal DELAC meeting agenda should include student achievement data, reclassification data, and discussion aimed to increase parental involvement. Items not listed on the agenda cannot be voted upon.


    Meeting Dates:

    • Tuesday, September 17, 2019
    • Tuesday, January 14, 2020
    • Tuesday, April 28, 2020

    All meetings will be held from 5:00-6:00pm.

    Meeting Location:

    Cordova Lane Center
    2460 Cordova Lane
    Rancho Cordova, CA 95670
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