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  • Welcome back students & Parents!  We are your Mills Middle School counselors and we are so happy to be "back" online with you! We know this school year is unlike anything any of us have ever experienced, but we will all get through this TOGETHER. Even though we are not all together at school, we are here for you. We can chat with you on the phone, answer your emails and even meet with you using Microsoft Teams. Below you will see how you can schedule time to "meet" with us. Anything you may need help with, we are happy to help. You will see us soon - we will be popping into your classrooms to visit and providing lessons. Talk soon and remember, MUSTANG PRIDE!
    All our best,
    Ms. Shippy, Mrs. Griffin & Ms. Aya
    To learn more about us and what we do click here!!! 
    Counselors are available during distance learning to support students and famillies.  Here is how you can get in contat with us: 
    Complete the Counselor Request Form and a counselor will be in contact with you - Click HERE to complete the Counselor Request Form.  We can call you, email you, or meet with you using Microsoft Teams!
    Confidentiality: What you talk about with your counselor will stay between you and your counselor unless you say you want to harm yourself, someone else, or someone is harming you. Mills Middle School administration and the Rancho Cordova Police Department will be contacted as necessary.
    We have a Google Classroom with lots of information for our students!  Come visit us using this link AND the code: bvczo7t
  • Counseling Team:

    Ms. Janice Shippy
    Last Names A-L
    (916) 294-9045 ext. 710131

    Mr. Eric Mejia
    Last Names M-Z
    (916) 294-9045 ext. 710132

    Ms. Aya Handler
    Mental Health Specialist
    (by referral only)
    (916) 294-9045 ext. 710189 

    We're online!






  • At this time we are only taking schedule change requests for students who meet the following:

    - Missing a class period

    - Duplicate class period

    - Wrong ELA level

    We will open the Schedule Change Request form when we are able.

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