• New PRCM

  • Intro to PRMC for 2020-2021 School Year

    Welcome back, Dragons! Unfortunately, last year's PRC got cut short due to the pandemic, but before we left school our students had already read more than 1 MILLION minutes! That is tremendous! This year there is a new program, the Principal's Math Challenge. This is designed to help kids become fluent in math by practicing math facts. Addition facts, subtraction facts, fact families, times tables, etc. More information will be forthcoming and will be posted here under the Objectives when it's available. Another big change this year is the adoption of online minute recording. Paper logs can still be used for your own personal tracking, but minutes will be recorded via Google Forms for both PRC and PMC (collectively known as PRMC). Parents will be able to record minutes daily, weekly, or just once at the end of the recording period (whichever works best for you). A link will be provided to the forms as soon as it's available.

  • PRMC Objectives

    The goal of the PRMC is to promote literacy as well as create a life long love of books. Reading to your child is one of the most important things you can do to promote literacy development. By utilizing literacy resources for children, incorporating books as part of your child's everyday routine and looking for creative ways to promote reading you will be giving your child a head start towards academic success and a rich vivid imagination. 

    In recognition of this, we will be rewarding the kids with prizes along the way for hitting certain bench marks in time. The minutes to be counted for the challenge are the minutes that the children read outside of the classroom. Recommended reading goal is 20 minutes per day. You can track your minutes by printing the appropriate log in the left column. Or you can track your minutes on your own and email your totals to your classroom PRC coordinator at the end of the reporting period.


    Reading Dragon  


  • Parents of 2nd - 5th graders

    Please encourage your child to read or have your child read to you every day and keep track of the minutes on the PRC Reading Log.

    Parents of pre-readers and beginning readers (K and 1st):

    Please read to your child or have your child look at picture books and/or try to read. These minutes count even if they can’t read.

    Tip - Have older kids read to your younger kids! Those minutes count for both!