Early Student Dismissal

  • Send a note with your student the morning of the early release. Your student will bring it to the attendance clerk before school begins. A pass will be made for your student so they can be waiting for you at the time of release.
    For early dismissals email leave a message on the Attendance Line (916-294-2450 ext. 810800) or send a note in the morning with your student.
    For last minute early dismissals please allow yourself an extra 30 minutes as sometimes classes are in the library, PE or at lunch, etc.
    If you call the night before or the day of the release please leave the following information on the voice mail:
    • Students first and last name (please SPELL both).
    • Reason for the release.
    • Time you need your student released from the classroom.


    *Please remember voicemail messages are picked up at 8am, 10am, 12pm and at 2pm.

    NOTICE: Unless pre-arranged, early dismissals are not available during finals week. 

    Early Dismissals call 916-294-2450 ext. 810800