1. Limited excuses: The PE teacher may excuse a student for one day at a time. Requests must be made during roll call, but this is not an excuse from dressing.
    2. Parental excuses: Parents can request from one to three days by note.  In the note, the parent must state:
      • The student’s problem
      • How long the excuse is to be in effect
      • If the student is to dress or not
    3. Long-term excuses: For any illness or injury that requires more than three days’ rest, an excuse from a medical doctor is required.  The note needs to include the start and end date of the excuse. Long-term medical excuses will be handled on an individual basis, and require a modified workout, if possible, or must be made up (see Make-ups below).
    1. Health problems: Any specific health problems a student has must be reported in writing to the Physical Education teacher. Examples include: asthma, allergies, chronic knee problems, etc. Any long-term medical conditions must be reported to the school nurse and the Physical Education teacher.
    1. Make-up work:

    a. Make-up work is the responsibility of the student.  They will be conducted during P.A.W.S. and students are required to dress down. The make-up will consist of a 24 minute- two mile run/walk. Only one day of make-up can be completed each day.  Unexcused absences, and off campus suspensions cannot be made up.

    b. Students that are assigned written make-ups by their instructor must turn those in no later than the week prior to the end of each corresponding quarter. Students on Independent Study need to make arrangements with the Vice Principal and their instructor for their make-up assignment. 

                         c. Dance or Aerobic students that have an excused absence on the  

                              day they are scheduled to perform, must make-up the  

                              performance within two weeks.