• Advanced Education

    The advanced education program allows high school students to take community college classes and earn college credit while still in high school. Advanced education students may take up to two classes during any fall, spring, or summer semester.


    Advanced Education Informational Presentation

    Advanced Education Informational Video


    • Students must be at least 16 years old and/or have completed 10th grade. 
    • Students must have a minimum 2.70 cumulative GPA .
    • Must have counselor/administration approval.
    • Students may choose from classes NOT currently available at their high school.

    How to Apply:

    Go directly to the college’s website

    *This program is not limited to Folsom Lake Community College but includes all Los Rios Community Colleges and Sierra College campuses. Each college has a different form and may have a different process. It is up to the student to follow the college’s process. 

    Specific steps for Folsom Lake Community College (FLC) : 

      • Step 1: Apply to FLC and Login to eServices to Set Up An Account
      • Step 2: Complete the Advanced Education Application (PDF)
      • Step 3: Email Your High School Counselor your Completed Application for Approval
      • Step 4: Course Enrollment
      • FHS students that wish to be registered on the earliest possible date, giving them the best chance for their requested FLC classes, will need to submit their advanced education application and unofficial transcript to their counselor via email between the acceptable dates.  
      • Please allow at least 48 hours for counselors to review and process. Counselors are not able to submit applications over summer break. 


    • Students are responsible for researching and selecting the appropriate course for their educational goals. Do research by looking at the course catalog and FLC class schedule.
    • Make sure the course is offered outside of your high school day.
    • Check course prerequisites.
    • Advanced Education course credit: the grades you earn in advanced education classes go on your permanent college transcript. Grades and units earned as an Advanced Education student do not earn high school credit and remain separate from the Folsom High School transcript. Advanced education units are required to be reported when applying to college by the student.


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