• Translation Services 

    Requests for Translation (Staff Only)

  • How to request a translation:
    Online translation requests are a way for staff members within the Folsom Cordova Unified School District to request document translation and in-person (oral) translators through our Translation Services Department.

    We take pride in handling your request with professionalism and care.  Each request is reviewed and then assigned to an appropriate translation specialist.
    All oral requests require 72 hours notice.  Every effort will be made to complete all written requests within 5-7 days.  Rush requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

    Requests that are not submitted through the Translation Services request forms will not be completed.

    Who has access to Translation Services?
    All Folsom Cordova Unified School District’s departments and schools.

    What languages may be accessed through Translation Services?
    Languages available are:

    What is the process to get a document translated?
    A written translation request form (available online) is filled out and submitted online with the document to be translated attached.  Documents must be submitted in Word format.

    What is the timeline for a translation to be completed?
    Translations are processed on a first come first served basis.  We strive to complete jobs within a two-week window, long and complex documents may take longer.

    How do I find an Oral Interpreter for a Department/School Site meeting?
    An Oral Interpreter request form (available online) is filled out and submitted online.   The Translation Services Special Project Coordinator will contact you to confirm the receipt of your request and provide you with your interpreter information.  All oral interpretation requests require a minimum 72 hour notice.

    Have Questions?
    To check the status of your request, please contact:
    Gudelia Castillo at (916) 294-9000, ext. 103605

    For all other questions, please contact
    Taleen Gurss at (916) 294-9000, ext. 103400

    • The Translation Services Department does not translate written IEP’s. Written IEP translation requests should be sent to an outside service provider. Please coordinate all written IEP translations through the Special Education Department.

    • Translations are currently only done from English to other languages.

    • Translation requests must be requested using the links below. Please follow the instructions on the form. 




         Open the translation
    request form (below), fill it out completely, attach your document for written translation and submit. The form and any attachments will be forwarded to Translation Services.

     icon   Submit Written Request