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     Back to School Night Message:
    I am so sorry that we can't meet personally tonight. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last week and a half with your students, and I predict some amazing work coming from this class.
    Over the next 3 weeks we will be studying the numerous methods of mass communication,  such as podcasting, broadcasting, videography, photography and photo journalism, graphic design, and journalistic writing. They will be spending a lot of time experimenting with various methods, so please ask them to see the work. Some of these pieces will be published on our news site, www.TheVistaVoice.com, and I encourage you to share them as much as possible so our numbers of clicks on the website increases (great for advertising which keeps our costs down), and it helps the ranking of your child's publication. 
    Once I have fully trained them in media history, how to write as journalists according to AP Style, media law and ethics, and how to consume media in ut elligently, they will start publishing regularly on the website. Some of the students will serve as copy editors or section editors, and one or two highly skilled students will serve as editor-in-chief. That being said, all students will be on the Vista Voice staff, legitimate, skilled and ethical journalists.
    Please feel free to email me if you have questions,  and I am always looking for career speakers from the vast world of media, so feel free to share those too.
    Thank you for your support!
    Janice Johnson, M. Ed.