Math Course 1:
    Classroom Policies and Expectations

    Team Denali


    Content & Materials


    Students will be required to be organized. All work must be saved in an organized manner for the entire trimester. Math work will be completed in pencil only (no pen) and follow the procedure explained in class. Failure to do so may result in no credit for an assignment. MLA basic guidelines will be used for nobook paper formatting. See guidelines below:

    In the top left corner of the paper, include...
    • First and last name
    • Teacher's name
    • Subject/period
    • Date
    The title of the assignment will be written on the first line. 

    Math Notes and Daily Practice

    Math Notes will be completed daily in a math notebook (joural). A digital version of the math notes are available by request if your child falls behind in class or is absent. All notes should be completed in pencil with as much detail as possible. Students are responsible for completing all notes due to an absence or working slowly in class. Math notes may be used for all math quizzes. 

    Daily Practice (classwork and homework) is an integral part of your child’s education and will be assigned in class and expected to be completed at home on a daily basis. In life, you only get better with practice. The math practice will help improve skills and is a great lesson in responsibility. All daily practice from the math book will be completed in pencil, with all work shown, in a different math notebook (journal). There may be random checks of the daily practice. When the practice is checked, each assignment will be worth a designated amount of points. While the majority of the math assignments are due the next day, there may be mini-projects or packets which will require more time to complete. It is the individual student’s responsibility (with help from a parent) to manage their time in a manner which allows for the completion of the assignment. The daily practice should take no longer than about 30 minutes (without distractions). It may be possible that your child will be bringing home, from time to time, unfinished assignments or assignments that need to be redone. If an assignment is checked and is missing by the end of the school day, it may receive a "0". Extra help is available during Advisory and before school Monday - Friday 8:00 - 8:40am.

    Exams (Entrance Tickets, Quizzes,
    Vocabulary and Math Tests and Test Retakes)

    Entrance Tickets will be completed, in the math notes journal, by all students the class period following the day a new lesson is taught. These entrance tickets may or may not be graded. An Entrance Ticket is a formative assessment to help your child evaluate how well they are understanding the daily lessons and assignments. If your child is finding the math lessons and assignments to be challenging, it is their responsibility to seek extra help from a friend, parent, tutor, or me. Extra help is available during Advisory and before school Monday - Friday 8:00 - 8:40am.

    Quizzes may be given at any time without advance notice. Quiz scores range from 20 - 50 points. Math notes may be used for all math quizzes. There are no retakes given for quizzes. 

    Vocabulary and Math Tests will be given at the end end of each chapter. Vocabulary Tests will be completed online using Google Classroom. Tests dates will be announced at least two days prior to each test. A practice test will be given the day before each test. Vocabulary Tests range from 16 - 24 points. Math Test are worth 100 points. Math notes may not be used for vocabulary and math tests. 

    Test Retakes are available all school year for vocabulary tests and math tests. During each trimester, your child will have an opportunity to complete one Test Retake for each chapter vocabulary test and math test. In order to retake a test, your child must complete a test reflection form for each test to be retaken. After the reflection form is turned in and approved, your child will then need to come in before school at 8:00 am to complete the Test Retake. Test Retakes will not be available during Advisory. After the Test Retake is completed and scored, your child will receive the higher of the two test grades for that test. All Test Retakes must be completed 10 school days prior to the end of each trimester. There are no retakes given for quizzes.


    • Daily Practice / Assignments (random checks)- 2-4 points per assignment
    • Exams:
      Entrance Tickets (daily)-  0-10 points
      Mid-Chapter Quizzes (usually open notes)-  50 points
      Chapter Vocabulary Tests (usually closed notes)-  16-24 points
      Chapter Tests (usually closed notes)- 100 points
    • Class Participation- effort grade

    *All math notes, practice, and exams will be completed in PENCIL. As part of a student’s learning experience, highlighters and colored pens may be used to emphasize important information. Always write the problems and SHOW ALL WORK WITH PENCIL. Points and grades will be based on completion, quality of work, and accuracy.

    *In all assignments where points are awarded, the points will be converted into percentages. All grades are earned by the student. No extra credit projects will be assigned, but there may be other minimal extra credit opportunities. Generally, the grading breakdown is as follows:

    98%-100% A+           88%-89% B+            78%-79% C+          68%-69% D+            59% and Below F

    92%-97% A               82%-87% B              72%-77% C            62%-67% D     

    90%-91% A-              80%-81% B-            70%-71% C-           60%-61% D-

    Attendance and Late Arrivals

    Regular attendance and promptness is critical in any endeavor. Students have about 9,000 minutes of learning time in each class per school year. That equates to a little more than six 24-hour days per class. You cannot replace the value of class learning time. All exams and homework assignments are due upon returning from an absence. The only exception will be those assignments given during that absence. The absence assignments will be due two days after a student’s return unless designed to be completed over several days. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT TO INQUIRE ABOUT ANY AND ALL MISSED ASSIGNMENTS AND MAKE THE NECESSARY ARRANGEMENTS FOR ALL EXAM MAKE-UPS. If exams are not made up within a week of return (or an arrangement made between the student and teacher), the student may receive a “0” on that exam.

    Team Denali Class Expectations and Citizenship

    Class Expectations

    • Be Prepared- materials on desk and seated ready to learn when the bell rings
    • Be an Active Learner- ask and answer questions
    • Pay Attention
    • No Food or Drinks (water bottles ok)

    All of the students in our classroom are entitled to a positive learning environment that promotes high self-esteem and a lot of happiness. To facilitate this, our classroom community will follow these simple Core Expectations:






    By following these simple guidelines, your child will gain an understanding of the behaviors, which will encourage personal success, both academically and socially. For a more detailed explanation of the school expectations, please see the 2019-2020 Parent/Student Handbook.

    Team Denali will use the following Progressive Discipline Plan:

    1. Warning
    2. 2nd Warning and parent notification
    3. After school detention and parent notification
    4. Classroom suspension


    Citizenship grades are measured by a student’s ability and willingness to follow our Core Expectations. These schoolwide expectations may be similar to your own family expectations. Denali Citizenship Rubric


    Tips for Math Success

    *Keep your math notes up-to-date.
    *Practice, practice, practice your math without skipping steps and show your work.
    *Use the online resources for extra help. California Math and Khan Academy
    *As math gets harder, it is more challenging to rely on mental math.
    *Follow The Directions!
    *Check your work and answer to be sure it makes sense.
    *Ask questions or ask for help.   

    Suggestions for Parents

    Do not assume that your child is handing in their assignments. Middle school is a different environment. They have to balance changing classes and different teachers with different personalities. Nightly, ask to see your child’s Jagenda and see their completed (ALL WORK SHOWN IN PENCIL) practice. Also please monitor your child’s grades often online through the PowerSchool Parent portal. I would also like all students to monitor their own grades online as well. Active participation from the beginning will eliminate surprises later. I will post the daily assignments (practice) on my class website.

    **I recommend having a separate filing system at home for all assignments for each class. All work should be filed away and kept for the trimester and possibly the entire school year. If assignments are saved, then proof of all assignment scores are available to you and your child in case a mistake is found on PowerSchool.  

     Revised 8/9/2019