• Dear Pre AP Course 2 families:


    During September we will be reviewing diagnostic and I-ready scores. If your student scored below 80% on the diagnostic and/or is not at grade level or above on the I-ready diagnostic, we will let you know that we are concerned about their placement in this class.  Pre AP Course 2 is an honors level class, and as such the pace is faster and concepts are more analytic in nature. It is the lead-in for IM 1, which is a high school course. Since we want students placed in the class that will give them the greatest chance for success in  higher math, we will be watching their progress through the first concept areas, decimal and fraction operations. If the work seems to be a struggle for them we will recommend they be moved to regular Course 2 math, where they will gain the skills needed to be successful in IM 1.


    Although students might be concerned that such a change might be socially awkward, their success is our ultimate goal. Students must have a B or above in all 3 trimesters to move on to IM 1. Consequently, it makes little sense to keep them in Pre AP 2 if they are struggling to maintain a C. Students who have made the change in the past are relieved when they are able to master the concepts with less stress and difficulty.


    We appreciate your patience with this process and are happy to hear from you regarding your student’s progress.  Please give us a few weeks to complete this process unless there is an emergency or concern that cannot wait.



    Angela Turner 

    Pre AP 2

    Sutter Middle School