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    Hello students and families! Welcome to either PreAP Math 2 or Course 2 7th Grade Math.  I am so excited that we are back to full time, in-person learning! It is especially important this year that we are patient and give each other time and grace, both with regular routines and how we learnParents, thank you in advance for your role in our education journey! Getting back into the school routine will be especially important this year, so I intend to make my expectations very clear, and welcome your questions and feedback.  
    This year we will build on the concepts learned during the elementary school years. Please expect some review at the beginning of the year as I anticipate some of our skills will need to be sharpened! In Pre AP Math 2 we will cover both 7th and 8th grade concepts (Course 2 and Course 3)! Our focus will include fractions, decimals, positive and negative integers, problem solving, statistics, geometry, graphing, and solving multi-step equations. In Course 2 we will perfect our skills with real number operations, solving equations, percent concepts, and coordinate plane graphing, plus other essential skills.  We are gearing up for success in high school math!
    If you would like to view the class syllabus, please click on the the appropriate class section of this site; Pre AP 2 and Course 2 have separate syllabi and may have different handouts. Be sure to click on the correct class! You will find more course information there, plus a list of suggested supplies.
    Students, I can't wait to  meet you! Parents, as partners with you and your child in their education, I value your concerns, considerations, and input.  Please feel free to contact me at any time, though the best time to call is after 3:30 pm; I will respond to your email  or call as soon as possible and within 24 hours. 
    7th Grade PreAP Math/Course 2 Math

    Sutter Middle School

    Room A102
    (916) 294-9035 


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