• AP World History – Summer 2018 Assignments (posted 5/21/18)

                Summer work A.P World History will consist of reading and outlining the text, as well as some selected assignments found on the Glencoe website.  All assignments must be completed over the summer and will be due before the start of school.  All original work must be handwritten (no typing!) and it is recommended that you photocopy your work before turning it in.  There are six chapters to be covered over the summer, with all work being due the week before classes begin.

                The text for the course is Traditions and Encounters by Bentley & Ziegler, 4th Edition.   Readings from the text will be supplemented by activities and support documents from the associated website:      http://glencoe.mheducation.com/sites/2222555555/index.html

                Make sure that you have accessed the 4th edition site before beginning any assignments.  The work required for each chapter is the same, and all components of the assignment need to be turned in.  For each chapter, please do the following:

    1. Print out the publisher provided outline before reading the chapter. It may be beneficial to double space the outline to facilitate the adding of additional notes.
    2. Read the chapter and add additional notes to the outline as required.
    3. After finishing the outline, complete all of the study questions for that particular chapter. The study questions are accessed from the chapter page on the publishers’ website.

    The summer chapters are as follows:

    Ch. 1   Before History

    Ch. 2   Early Societies in Southwest Asia and the Indo-European Migrations

    Ch. 3   Early African Societies and the Bantu Migrations

    Ch. 4   Early Societies in South Asia

    Ch. 5   Early Societies in East Asia

    Ch. 6   Early Societies in the Americas and Oceania

    Chapters 1-6 are due to the front office by Friday, August 10th, no exceptions.

    There will be an exam on summer assignments tentatively scheduled for the first week of classes.