Welcome to AP Biology at Vista! Looking forward to meeting you.


    Please sign in after May 31st through google classroom for your summer work. Join the class after finals. 


    1. Do not type your responses for the study guides. Please write out your responses. 
    2. Your first assignmnt due June 7th:
            a. Email me Ms. Baker
            b. To let me know when you have read through this and the information in google
                  classroom (access code  izdro9 ).
            c. Type in the subject line: I will conquer AP Biology
            d. Attach the following in one image:
                   - a picture of your face, half of your face, or part of your face :) 
                   - your trademark (I should be able to identify it or you can tell me what it is so I know)
                   - AP Bio textbook
    3. Trademark-You will need a designated "trademark" as you work through your summer work. Your trademark will be in every image/picture you turn into me through google classroom. Students in the past have used the following: their key chain, bracelet, small figurine, etc..It should be something that can be added to any of your images. Have fun with it :)

    4. For those of paying attention to what you are reading you will find some of the information repetitive. Please read through every document. Thank you.