Communication Internship Program

  • What is the Communication Internship Program? 
    The Communication Internship Program (CIP) will provide students with the opportunity to work at the highest level of school district leadership. Hallmark to the CIP, students will learn the critically important function of collaboration. An intern team will directly assist the Superintendent’s office of Communication and Community Engagement with a wide variety of functions including:
    • photography and video production
    • newswriting and storytelling
    • graphic design
    • event planning
    • social media 
    Interns complete and participate in projects that will develop lifelong skills that will serve them in their chosen paths after high school.
    Who are the interns?
    Communication interns working in the office and in the field
    In order to participate in the program, CIP Interns must be in good academic standing at one of the high schools in Folsom Cordova --students from Cordova High School, Folsom High School, Vista del Lago High School, Walnutwood High School, Kinney High School, and Folsom Lake High School are all eligible to participate.
    Where do CIP interns work?
    A benefit of the CIP internship is that students will be exposed to a professional work environment. The interns share an office on the fourth floor of the Education Services Center (the District's central office building). As a result of their location, the interns learn the norms and expectations working in an office building among the District's senior-most administrators--giving the program participants an early jump on what it means to perform in a high-stakes, professional, environment. 
    What kind of work do our interns do?
    The goal of the internship is to ensure that the student participants complete projects that directly support the vision and mission of the District. This is not a "go and get coffee" type of internship!
    In addition to learning about media relations, social media, large-scale event planning and other projects, our interns play an integral role in sharing success stories from our school communities through compelling, multimedia storytelling. Here are just a few examples from previous intern teams!  
    Are interns paid? 
    Yes. Student typically work between four and six hours weekly as interns. The students are compensated in order to offset any expenses that they may incur while carrying out their duties and to also remove any barriers that might prevent a student from participation due to a need to work a second job. 
    How long does the internship program run?
    CIP is a school year-long commitment. Interns should make arrangements with their extra-curricular activities to accommodate the requirements of the program.

Program Information

    Interested in applying? Contact our office: 
    Daniel Thigpen
    Director, Communication and Community Engagement
    Shannon Buck
    Administrative Assistant - Communication & Community Engagement
    916-294-9000 ext. 104530