• Change of assignment. There is no homework for Wednesday Feb. 20
    Both 9.1 and 9.2 Videos will be posted by tomorrow afternoon and will be checked on Monday.
    All other assignments in class remain the same.  
    9.1 Video-
    9.2 Video
     9.3  Graphing Quadratic 
    9_4 Video
    9_4 Worksheet - This is homework for 2/28 in addition to the video and finishing the problems that you started in class.
    9_4 Worksheet (viewable)
    Review for Tuesday Quiz
    Answers to review sheet
    Here is your video. In response to some of your emails- in addition to being your math teacher, I'm also a track coach, leadership advisor, video club advisor, and technology teacher for 131 other students. I promise, I have not been lounging around waiting to put this video up. I plan to get ahead in my posting again this weekend. Thank you for your patience.
    Solve the following- DONALD + GERALD = ROBERT. Each letter represents a single digit number. As a hint D=5. Find what number each variable represents. Each letter will be represented by just one number (all the D's =5) and no variables can represent the same number (since D=5, no other letter can =5). Due on the test day, next Tuesday on a separate piece of paper with all your work and attempts.  
    9.8 Quadratic Function
    NB 155- continue past your work in class.  
    Watch from 0-17 minutes on the quadratic and discriminant. Then do GP 1-13 on 607