• Academic Dishonesty

    All Vista students must sign an Academic Integrity Contract which requires them to adhere to the rules of responsible scholarship, requiring all grades to be earned honestly through hard work and effective study habits. Consequences for cheating are as follows:


      Student will be monitored for academic misconduct until he/she graduates.

      The incident will be recorded in the student’s discipline file. 

      The student may receive a lowered citizenship grade.

            Honors and AP students will be moved to the bottom of the wait list for future Honors and AP courses.

      CSF and NHS members caught cheating may be dropped from these organizations and unable to reapply.

      Counselors and teachers may refuse to write senior letters of recommendation.


    The classroom teacher is ultimately responsible for setting expectations, explaining the consequences, evaluating any evidence of student misconduct, and determining whether Vista’s Academic Dishonesty Policy has been violated. The Administration team, with assistance from the Academic Integrity Committee (AIC) when necessary, will determine appropriate discipline measures. A list of possible measures can be found in the Academic Dishonesty Policy on the school website.


    First Offense

    Second/Repeated Offense

    Parent contacted by teacher.

    Discipline conference with Administrator.

    Incident documented in discipline record.

    Student placed on academic contract. 

    Suspension or Saturday School assigned.

    Student must complete assignment focused on the importance of honesty and integrity with regards to school and the workplace.

    Provided the student satisfactorily completes the above assignment, he/she will be allowed to redo the original or an equivalent assignment for partial credit, depending on the department policy. 

    The student will attend a hearing before the Academic Integrity Committee, a panel of teachers, counselors and administrators who will recommend appropriate disciplinary action.  


    Consequences listed in the first offense, and one or more of the following:

    The student will be given an “F” for the semester/grading period in which the incident occurred.

    The student will be dropped from the class with a grade of “F.”

    The student will be suspended from school.