• Ch 7. 1- I know you did notes in class today. Watch this video to add to your notes. You already did the guided practice in class along with additional practice. 
    Ch 7.2 - Homework for Tuesday Night. Will be checked on Wednesday. 
    Ch 7. 3 
    Ch 7-5 Fractional Exponents
     7-6 Classify Polynomials
     7-7 Add and Subtract Polynomials
    7_8 Multiply Polynomials- this video rocks. You will love the happy face method
    Review Sheet
    7.9 Video
    I'm working at the wrestling meet. I'll post the video later tonight. You can take notes from the book on the special rules for multiplying polynomials
    (a+b)2 (a-b)2 and (a+b)(a-b). These are all short cuts to the FOIL or happy face method 
    Review Sheet- Download PDF at the bottom of the page 
    Watch only for Fun