• Middle and High School Registration

    Welcome to Secondary Education,

    The information listed below is to help you with our registration process:
    All middle and high school age students must register at their home school (attendance/boundary area school).  Only a parent or legal guardian may register a student.  The following documentation must be provided:
    • Original birth certificate or passport
    • Transcript
    • Immunization record
    • and three (four for impacted schools) proofs of residence within the attendance/boundary area school.

    Student must reside full time with parent or legal guardian at the residential address given.  If you and your child are residing with a family member or friend, the owner of the residence must accompany you to the school and complete an affidavit of residency.  The owner of the residence must provide the proof of residency documentation.

    If you live outside of our District boundaries, you must first apply for an inter-district transfer; contact our Attendance and Due Process office for more information.   If you wish to be released from our District to attend a school outside of our boundary area, please contact the Attendance and Due Process office.
    If you should have further questions, contact your attendance boundary area school.