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    WA I


  • A California Transition Program 

    designed for students with IEP's

    based and supported in our

    local community to assist in building 


    Confidence & Competence 

    The vision of the
    Special Education Division
     is that all individuals with disabilities will
     successfully participate in preparation
     for the workplace and independent living.
    The Folsom Cordova Unified School District
    Mission of WorkAbility I,
      is to promote the involvement of key stakeholders
    (students, families, WA I Staff, educators, youth serving organizations, workforce development organizations, post-secondary education and training, and business partners) 
    in planning and implementing an array of services
    that will culminate in successful student transition
    to competitive, integrated employment (CIE), lifelong
    learning, and quality adult life. 
    *WorkAbility I achieves this mission primarily by providing work-based learning experience for all WorkAbility I students.*


    Pre-Employment Workshops

    Folsom Cordova Unified School District utilizes an integrated curriculum, which includes business ethics, career interest exploration, future planning, computer skills (including the use of the internet), and phases of the job search. Students learn to build a career portfolio that will help take them into college and employment. WorkAbility I Students who are ready to enter the workplace learn many additional employment skills such as completing job applications, interviewing skills, and even “Surviving a Panel Interview”.


    Folsom Cordova Unified School District offers many off-campus employment opportunities such as working in various retail stores, local theaters, restaurants, fast food establishments, and many more. Junior, senior and A.C.T.T. students attend our pre-employment workshops to help promote successful employment situations and to increase their chances of positive employment opportunities in the future. 

    Folsom Cordova Unified School District also offers limited on-campus employment opportunities.

    “Learn to Earn”
  • Workability I Staff: 
    Caitlin Quillin
    Special Project Coordinator
    916-294-9007 x102436
    If you have a place of business in the Rancho Cordova or Folsom areas and you could use some student assistance, please contact us about becoming a Community Partner.
    A Partnership is a strong and realistic commitment between business, education and the community. Consisting of clearly defined goals, mutual benefits, and open ongoing communication.

    WorkAbili1 and Transition Services
    California Department of Education
    1430 N Street, Suite 2401
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    916.445.4613 – FAX 916.327.3516
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