Welcome to Pre AP 2 Math!  You will be learning concepts from both 7th and 8th grade math (Course 2 and Course 3). I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know you, and I’m looking forward to a happy and productive school year.

     Curriculum areas we will focus on this year include operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) with fractions, decimals, and integers; percent concepts; problem solving; statistics; graphing and functions (my favorite!), geometry, and solving equations. You will write in your consumable textbook, so please don't lose it!!  Please DO NOT work ahead in the book!  The math you will learn this year is vital to success in high school math and beyond.

     Grading: You are expected to attend virtual class regularly and are responsible for asking me to provide any missed assignments. You will have two days to make up assignments missed during an excused absence. 

    I expect that students come to class prepared to work every day. The pacing of this class is accelerated relative to “regular” 7th grade math! Therefore excellent attendance and conscientious completion of Independent Practice (homework) is a must.

    Please note: It is Math Department policy that a student MAY be dropped from PreAP Math Course 2 to their regular grade level math course if their grade falls below a B.

     The following guideline is used to assign a final math grade for each trimester:

             Quizzes                                       20%

            Tests                                             80%



    Independent Practice (homework) is both practice and a learning experience. It is expected that errors will be made and understanding may be challenged; therefore Independent Practice DOES NOT COUNT TOWARD THE FINAL GRADE. I will enter assignments into the gradebook but they will not weight into the grade you see. We will go over assigned homework daily and I will work out problems as requested.  STUDENTS are responsible for asking questions if they don't understand!

     Grade Recovery: Students may retake ONE test per trimester  if their test score is below 80%; maximum score given for retakes will be 90%. Test corrections will be scheduled during regular class hours if possible. No grade recovery is offered for quizzes, as they are formative in nature.

    Behavior Expectations: These are mainly applicable to in-person learning, but I have left them in the syllabus so future expectations are clear. Students are reminded daily about my behavior expectations; these expectations are also posted in the classroom. Any behavior that detracts from our learning experience will be addressed and corrected in the following progressive manner:

    1.      Teacher gives a non-verbal warning; for example, eye contact or a note asking them to focus.

    2.      Teacher gives a verbal warning.

    3.      Student is given a written warning; teacher communicates with home. Student’s behavior is noted in teacher’s classroom log.  

    4.      Teacher refers student to counselor and schedules a parent conference.

    5.    Student is given on-campus suspension, administrative referral, or counseling contact. Teacher communicates with home.

     *I will skip some steps and give more serious consequences if warranted by severe or out-of-control behavior. I will not allow the actions of one or more students to disrupt our classroom learning environment! This is an honors course and outstanding citizenship is expected.


     Suggested Materials:

    • Spiral notebook or binder with a specific math section (bring daily along with math textbook)!
    • Pencils and eraser
    • Ink pen for correcting 
    • Lined paper if using a binder
    • Dry Erase marker and wipe
    •  *Parents will be notified in advance if additional materials are needed.

    I believe parent-teacher communication is a critical part of providing your student with effective instruction. You can write a note, phone me (after 3:30please), or email me at any time!

     I look forward to spending the year with your child, and to meeting them virtually on August 12th!

     Let’s make this a great year!!!

     Best Regards,  

     Ms.  Angela D. Turner  

    Pre AP 2 and Course 3 Math

    Sutter Middle School

    (916) 294-9035 ext. 320802 /