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    Let's Soar Together! 
    Become A PTSO Member!! 
    The VDL PTSO is committed to the academic success and social development of every student at VDL.  It is through your support and membership, we can achieve this.
    Membership Benefis
    • Directly supports your student and all students.
    • Connects you with the school and VDL families. 
    • Gets you involved in your student's and school activities.
    • Great networking opportunity to meet new families and friends.
    The VDL PTSO's main role is to provide financial and volunteer support to help meet the academic and social needs of our students.  Our main source of fundraising comes from the PTSO Family Memberships Drive, Business Community Partnerships, Birthday & Graduation Recognition Marquee Orders and the annual Eagles FORE Education Golf Tournament. 
    With your support we accomplish the following:
    *  Library
    *  Health Office
    *  College & Career Center 
    *  School Communication and Academic Software Services
    *  Teacher Grants & Development 
    *  Staff & Student Awards & Appreciation
    *  Student Testing Snacks
    *  Various Student Clubs/Programs
    *  New Age Bonfire
    *  Homecoming Parade & Dance  
    *  Every 15 Minutes Program
    *  Senior GRADitude Walk
    *  Senior Sober Grad Night
    *  Sunshine Fund
    These accomplishments were possible due to the support of our school families, students, community & Vista staff.  We thank you and hope you will continue to support these important efforts.  
    It's never too late to join the PTSO. Family membership is only $25, with other membership levels available.  
    To join, simply return the PTSO Membership Form along with a check made payable to VDL PTSO, to the VDL front office.  For online payment, you can visit our online store at VDL PTSO Online Payment Just click Membership icon and choose family membership or business partner.
    Are you an Intel Employee?
    Help us earn more with the "Intel Matching Program"!  Intel will match our $25 membership fee and donate it to VDL!  Please see our Intel employee tab for instructions!
    Thank you for your support!  Go Eagles!!