• Math Club Information

    Math Club will meet on THURSDAYS from 3:35-4:30 pm in Room 311 (Mrs Passovoy's room, upstairs in the center of the "H"). We have room for about 36 students. We will get started in September, after the Club Rush. First meeting is Thursday, September 21.

    Have you donated yet? A $20-30 donation is greatly appreciated in order to help pay for contest registration fees.  We are hoping to raise enough money to cover $350 of registration fees. Checks can be made out to Folsom Middle School and turned in at the Student Accounts office near Room 107. Cash is fine also, but the easiest way is via the FMS Web Store - Math Club Donation.


    Programs in which we particpate:

    MathCounts: The MATHCOUNTS Competition Program provides the extra incentive and the perfect atmosphere for students to push themselves to achieve more in mathematics.  Consisting of fun and creative problems that promote critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, the MATHCOUNTS competitions have written and oral rounds, as well as individual and team components.  Though challenging and non-routine, the competition problems focus on the 6th through 8th grade standards of the National Council of Teachers in Mathematics. (taken from www.mathcounts.org) For MathCounts, we typically have a school-level competition in late January to determine the team and individuals who will move on to the Sacramento Region competition in mid-February.

    - Math Olympiad:  The goals of Math Olympiads are to stimulate enthusiasm and a love for mathematics, to introduce important mathematical concepts, to teach major strategies for problem solving, to develop mathematical flexibility in solving problems, to strengthen mathematical intuition, to foster mathematical creativity and ingenuity, and to provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges (taken from www.moems.org). Math Olympiad competitions are once a month from November through March.

    - American Math Challenge (AMC8).  This is another national contest.  It is a multiple choice contest of 25 problems in 40 minutes.  The contest will be in January, unless they move it back to November (pre-pandemic). 

    -  The weekly practices will utilize problems from MathCounts, Math Olympiads, and the AMC.  Students will practice independently, in pairs, and in small groups.  Sometimes lessons on topics are presented in order to help students conquer new types of problems.